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CF’s vision and purpose differ from that of a church as evident in our distinctives such as being student-led & student-initiated and interdenominational. Note that CF is not meant to replace church but instead to serve the local churches by training and equipping our members for service.

Nope. We are interdenominational in that CFers are from different churches of different denominations and we celebrate the diversity of different denominations and churches.

For AY23/24, we will be studying the “I Am’ sayings from the Book of John during SG. SG sessions focus both on setting the context of the chapter by exegeting the text, as well as application and re-contextualising the passage in the context of the university.

In line with our vision and AY22/23 direction, we have events such as small group (SG) sessions, fellowship night (FN), community engagement (CE), and scripture engagement (SE)! For more information about the 4 main events, refer to the ‘Programmes’ page. To find out more about our ad-hoc events throughout the AY, please follow our Instagram or Telegram channel!

What: During SG sessions, we fellowship while studying the Bible together as a small group for personal growth as well as to think about its application to student ministry on campus. On average there are about 15 members per SG.

When: CFers are split randomly across the 4 different SGs and based on which SG day (Tues/Wed) fits their schedule better.

If you would like to join us, please drop us an email at ntucf-secretary@e.ntu.edu.sg or reach us via Instagram @ntucf.

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