My CF Experience

Written by: Jethro, ADM Year 4, Giant Grapes SG

Published on: 21 June 2020

Hello everyone! I am Jethro and I am the President for this current AY. I am in my final year in NTU, studying digital film making in ADM. As we embark on the new academic year, I thought it would be good to reflect upon my past 3 years in CF.

I remember my first experience with CF in their annual camp and I had many fears in me. I had never interacted with any Christian groups outside my church and I was not sure that I would fit it. I was also afraid that what I believe in might clash with what others believe in, starting a conflict. It was also difficult for me to start a conversation because I did not know anyone then and I was quite introverted.

My first camp experience

The camp proved me otherwise. I realized that everyone’s church experience is slightly different from each other and it reflects the diversity of churches in Singapore. Meeting then in an interdenominational organisation like CF provides the platform for an exchange of ideas and opinions. I remember vividly about my conversations with other CF-ers about how they viewed the first few chapters of Genesis and their views of creationism. Even though I was doing a fine arts degree, it was interesting to hear from my life science friends about how they contended with such a topic. I also remember from this camp the variety of opinions when it comes to scripture engagement and I enjoyed all of it.

I participated in most of the CF activities, such as our small group sessions to our fellowship nights and community engagement sessions. What I really appreciated was how the activities in CF are geared towards gospeling in all areas of our lives. We are not just viewing the gospel from the point of view of spiritual salvation, but in our day to day actions, in our academic fields and in our communities. This gave me the handles to think deeper about what I study in school and how I can participate in the conversations that the university is concerned with. I am also thankful that I could share my ideas freely and contribute back to the CF.

My Monday Small Group

My bible camp group in 2018 (I have no idea what I happening here)

As part of my final year project, I have to do a short film and I have the freedom to pick my topics. I decided to do a documentary on a topic close to most people’s hearts- food. The angle which I am entering is though urban farming and our state policies. I thought that this was also a good time to reveal our broken relationship with food and to recenter our food production with a focus on creation care. Though my research phase, I had good conversations with my other CF friends about food and its relation with our faith. Food is in an abundance in Singapore and we should consider it as a blessing and not as a given. The conversations that I had helped me in understanding the topic better and when I pitched it to my school friends, they could understand where I am coming from. I am also hoping to start a larger conversation over this and I am doing a series of blog posts on my project website

Looking back, I am really quite grateful for joining this campus ministry because it has broadened my perspectives and given me an image of how a Christian community can be like. It might seem scary and overwhelming at the beginning but as you commit yourself to it you would end up learning a lot.

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